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Defending your DUI & DWI Case in Austin, TX

People charged with a first DUI or DWI offense never expected to be in this bad situation. Anyone looking to have a realistic chance of saving their driver’s license will need to hire a competent lawyer, accomplished in taking these cases to trial. You want an experienced attorney specializing in DUI and DWI cases that will carefully review your situation.

How Can Vela Law help with a DUI or DWI Charge? 

The accused person could have an explanation as to why they appeared under the influence of alcohol, medications, or even illegal drugs when they weren’t. Some common signs are slurred speech and unsteadiness when walking a straight line on field sobriety tests. Skilled DUI and DWI lawyers effectively provide alternative explanations and create reasonable doubt.

We will help you cross-examine police witnesses, another essential key to fighting the accusations. What happened during the arrest could lead to charges being dropped due to police malpractice. Something that might seem insignificant could be what keeps you from a conviction. 

Like any other crime, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. Please, don’t assume that you don’t have a defense.

Is a Plea Bargain Convenient in DUI & DWI Cases?

After carefully reviewing the arrest details, a DUI/DWI attorney can see whether a plea bargain is a good option or not. An experienced lawyer from the area knows which prosecutors will negotiate a plea deal and which won’t.

Even without a strong defense, Vela Law might be able to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense. Skilled DUI/DWI attorneys know which prosecutor to approach and when to do so.

Fighting for Your Rights in Court

When DUI/DWI cases go to trial, our expertise will be crucial to preparing the best defense for you in court. A person should never plead guilty until the law firm has had the chance to review the case. Getting an attorney for the charges as soon as possible is the best option for winning a case. Never assume the prosecution can prove a case against you in court without challenging it.

Vela Law Will Defend You in Austin, Texas

Our firm has provided legal representation in Austin, Texas, since 2018. Vela Law’s bilingual criminal defense lawyers have the experience needed for your case. We have represented defendants, undocumented or not, for DUI, DWI, drug possession, assault, and other criminal offenses. Contact our law firm to schedule an appointment today.
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